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What we Do


Our activities are intended to foster behavior change and minimize risk on HIV/AIDS geared to good Health and holistic development through:-

  1. Trainings on health issues, leadership, good Governance etc to local community.
  2. Home Based Care psychosocial care and support to all clients.
  3. HTC (HIV Testing and Counseling) services to general public.
  4. Treatment- provision of ARVS and outpatients service.
  5. Care and support for Orphans and vulnerable children OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children)
  6. To initiate Income Generating Activities:- sustainability and increase household income to all beneficiaries and local community through: Microfinance, training extension in agriculture to increase food security and creating Employment in the community.
  7. Education and vocational skills training for mature OVC.
  8. Children sponsorship.
  9. TB defaulter tracing.

Other activities in the centre include:-

-Pitching tents for mobile HTC

-Providing Dispensary Services

-Training our group members and the local community on food Security

-Nutrition Support


St. Joseph HTC Centre and Dispensary.

We have a HTC Centre, a Dispensary for ARVs and outpatients.We also do Mobile, moonlight, door to door HTC services to general public.

Through GOK and other partners we are supporting 1,500 PLWHV (People Living WithHIV), 5,500 OVC, 1,200 Care givers, and 52 most vulnerable mothers.

All our activities are supervised by District Medical of Health (DMOH) Nyeri North, Constituency AIDS Control Committee (CACC), other relevant Government Ministries, and different partners..



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