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Who We Are


The Brothers of St. Joseph is a religious Congregation of Men in the Catholic Church based in Mweiga inNyeri County- Kenya, under the Archdiocese of Nyeri. Our Mission is Evangelization and implements various Community integral development and relief programs targeting the most vulnerable communities .
The Brothers of St. Joseph apart from Evangelization has cardinal obligation to:
- Respond to the needy and oppressed people.

- To work with the Communities and enable them to address their integral development needs.

- Liberate the Communities from apathy so that having first accepted their situation they can analyze it and initiate the needed changes to improve it .


St. Joseph HIV/AIDS CBO-Nyeri was initiated by the Brothers of St. Joseph and Mweiga Community in the year 2001. The group was registered on 13th June 2003 by the Ministry of Culture and Gender and Children Affairs as a Self Help Group, Registration no. N/NYI/SHG/10042

After 13 years the group branded and changed from Self Help Group to St. Joseph CBO, it was registered by Ministry of Gender, children and Social Development on 17th May 2016 Certificate number K.W/C.B.O/3629/2016

The group is situated in Nyeri County 160 km from Nairobi City, Kieni West District, Mweiga Location, Kamatongu sub-location in Mweiga Town, 15 km from Nyeri town on Nyeri- Nyahururu road 


The vision of St. Joseph CBO is ‘a highly sustainable and empowered community free from the ravages of HIV/AIDS, a community that embraces HOPE, CARE & SUPPORT to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.’

In its aspiration to actualize its own vision, and being part of the church in Nyeri, further considering that the primary role of the operations of the group is evangelization through acts of charity, the group is indeed inspired by the vision of the Archdiocese of Nyeri, that envisions ‘being a leading Catholic Christian Community in the evangelization at the service of the Kingdom of God’.


‘To be a flagship and instrumental as a truly responsive community-based group in the provision of services that give hope, care and support to HIV/AIDS infected, orphans, affected and most vulnerable groups in the community’.

Through this journey, we shall be witnessing and proclaiming the Kingdom of God through holistic formation of the human person. 


Our main objective is to prevent new HIV infection among the most vulnerable people in the Community and general public.

To provide Hope Care and Support to PLWHIV, OVCs, vulnerable young mothers, and the most vulnerable people to HIV infections

To support and empower the vulnerable people in the community 


St. Joseph CBO was formed ‘to provide a focused, functional and truly community based link to facilitate evangelization and integrated interventions that will contribute to the overall reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS, improve the quality of life to those infected and affected and mitigate the social-economic impact of the epidemic’.

The group is substantively an organic bridge between, international, national, and regional actors and the local beneficiary partners. 


It is noteworthy that the group that is under the umbrella of the BSJ Congregation has a direct mandate ‘to evangelize the people of God in all situations and circumstances, through their apostolate, activities, and projects which witness the Love of Christ in all their undertakings and to all’.


Core values are outlined primarily to provide social parameters and beliefs that identify and differentiate organizations, and form the main process of the organizational culture. St. JosephCBO takes pride in its three main foundations that have extremely relevant values in their commitment to offer services to the community especially the very needy, poor, and vulnerable community.

The group has developed its core values from within after a lengthy consultation with stakeholders and from a deliberate reflection on those values that identify its foundation, that include the Archdiocese of Nyeri, Brothers of St. Joseph and the government’s National AIDS Control Council. The core values that will guide the group in the implementation of its strategic are:-

Faith and Christian Witness

Enhancing evangelization and ensuring Christian values are always manifest in all actions


A devotion to service that radiates and reflects integrity, truthfulness, prudence and accountability

Charity and Love for Service

Service to all with a deliberate and preferential option for the poor


Recognizing and supporting each stakeholders’ individual and collective role and function

Social Justice

Commitment to uphold and advocate for individual rights and responsibilities without compromise


United in a common purpose with all and recognizing the special needs for women, children, and youth and united in the common purpose.


Partaking high regard for each individual and entity for mutual development of people

Involvement and Participation

Observe maximum engagement with people living with HIV/AIDS, their families and community

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